This March - Be Kind to your Kidney

Mar 10, 2020 4:12:21 PM / by HealthCarePlus


The month of March is officially Kidney Health Month and it's organised by Kidney Health New Zealand and is timed to coincide with World Kidney Day on March 12. 

Kidney Health New Zealand promotes kidney health awareness, supports kidney patients and provides FREE kidney health checks.

During March it promotes awareness and fundraising activities, and shares kidney fitness tips. The key to preventing kidney damage is early detection, as one in 10 people with kidney disease don't know they have it. Also, a kidney can lose up to 90% of its function before any symptoms show, and kidney function cannot be recovered.


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So, we are happy to promote Kidney Health New Zealand this month as they aim to reduce the impact of kidney disease by encouraging early detection to prevent further harm. 

This National Campaign is an opportunity to reduce the impact of the disease by catching it early to prevent further harm. Read more about Kidney Health Month

Kidney disease is tough but getting checked isn't. It's so easy to get a simple Kidney Fitness Check.  Ask your doctor for a:

  • Blood Pressure Check - You should get this checked once a year
  • Urine test to check for protein - Ask for blood, protein and sugar checked
  • A blood test - Ask for Kidney Function to be checked.

Regular checks form an important part of getting kidney fit but there are more you can do.  Below is a self care checklist to help look after the health of your kidneys:

  • have your blood pressure checked at least once a year
  • have your blood sugar checked for diabetes
  • drink water, exercise regularly and eat real food 
  • don't smoke - there is no safe level of smoking and it damages blood vessel walls
  • check your cholesterol levels (high cholesterol damages blood vessels in the kidney)
  • maintain your weight within a healthy range for your height with a well-balanced diet - regular exercise will also help control your weight
  • have an annual check-up with a GP. If you need a blood test, ask for your kidney function to be checked. Ask for your urine to be checked for blood, protein and sugar.

So if you are a kidney patient, family or friend of a kidney patient seeking additional information on how to support kidney patients, or just wanting to know more about how the kidneys work, then the Kidney Health New Zealand website has information to help you to understand more about your kidney health.

You can contact them on: or free phone: 0800 KIDNEY (0800 543 639) to speak to kidney health professional.


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