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Easy Steps to Make Your Own Christmas Crackers

Dec 8, 2020 1:41:17 PM / by HealthCarePlus

Why waste money on store-bought crackers stuffed with cheap plastic gifts when you could make your own designer versions?

Fed up of peculiar plastic shapes, bad jokes and pricey shop-bought Christmas crackers? The options for making your own are endless. Forget cheap key rings and tacky treasures and instead fill them with thoughtful gifts from the kitchen, include jokes that actually make you laugh or pop in a festive fact alongside your personalised party hats.


For each Cracker, you'll need:

  • Cracker snap/banger
  • Recycled card for inner tube - inside of a toilet roll is ideal
  • 2 pieces of tissue paper (trimmed to 1/4 standard sheet size) -
  • Outer paper - decorative fabric or quality Christmas paper
  • 2 x lengths of ribbon (approx 30cm)

    You'll also need:
  • Scissors
  • Sticky tape
  • Treats to put inside the crackers - THINK: something to eat, something to do, something to keep!


  1. Roll recylced card into evenly-sized tubes (short end to short end), stick in place with tape.
  2. Place cracker snap and tube on the middle of the tissue paper so they extend past each end of the tube, roll up together & sticky tape the tissue to hold together.
    cracker 4
  3. Use one piece of curling ribbon to tie one end - catching tissue & ‘snap’ all together
  4. Stuff the tube with your carefully chosen treats!
    cracker 2
  5. Tie the opposite end to close as in step 3
  6. Roll gift-wrap or decorative paper (also cut to A5 size) around the middle of the cracker to form a beautiful outer shell. You may choose to use another contrasting paper as a ‘belly band’ and repeat this step.
  7. Curl the ribbon
    cracker 5
  8. Trim / tidy up the ends; handshape to form full, bell shaped ends if they got a bit squashed in the process
  9. Final touch - apply a sticker, or name tag on the outside of each cracker to personalise them

Some things to consider:

Use minimal sticky tape - you want just enough to keep the papers in place, but remember they’re designed to be PULLED and ripped!  Lots of tape will stop them from ripping and popping nicely.
Inner tubes aren’t seen - so try to recycle something that would otherwise be discarded. Toilet rolls or paper towel rolls are a great for this.
If you want to fill them with heaps of loot, make bigger tubes!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!

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