How To Make A Successful Claim

Oct 30, 2019 4:38:12 PM / by HealthCarePlus

As a not-for-profit we do not have to look after shareholder’s need for profit so there is more money to pay claims! It means we’re delivering value to you - which is exactly what your union set us up to do.

Our claims process starts with the assumption we’ll be paying you - not with looking for a reason not to. So here are the tips and resources to make sure you are successful.


Keep your Receipts Safe  

First things first, make sure that you get a receipt for everything and keep them in a safe place until it's time to claim. 

Scan or photograph your receipts when making the claim and make sure that they are legible. 

Please retain your original receipts until claim settlement as you might need them again. 


Locate your Claim Form

It's important that you know where to find the claim form. 

With HealthCarePlus you have two ways to claim and the forms are easy to find.

1. Online Claim Form

Please go to our website and click 'Make a claim' button on the top right hand corner.

From there, you will be taking to a new window. All you need to do is click on the 'HealthCarePlus Online Claim form' button to open the Online Claim page. If this is your first time using our online claim facility, we recommend to read this blog article to learn how to make a claim online.


2. Post Your Claim  

To post your claim, you can print out the HealthCarePlus Claim form (print) from here


Making a Primary Care/Primary Care Extra/#Care4U Claim 


Please make sure you do the following to avoid delayed claim payments: 

  • Ensure all relevant sections of the claim form are completed 
  • We recommend that all scanned or photographed receipts are legible and are itemised, showing the date of treatment, treatment provider, patient treated,description of health services received and fees charged.
  • If you have a receipt for $100 or more make sure it's accompanied by an itemised bill not just an EFTPOS or credit card receipt
  • It's important to retain your original receipts until claim settlement in the event they are required to assess your claim
  • Once all that is done then attach completed claim form to an email along with your scanned or photographed receipts and submit your claim – it’s that easy.

Or you can print out the form and post it along with the copies of your receipts to:

UniMed, PO Box 1721, Christchurch 8140. 


Making a Hospital Cover Claim

If you have a Hospital Select Plan then you claim in exactly the same way as outlined above.

However some HealthCarePlus members may have their Hospital Cover and Risk Insurance underwritten by a range of New Zealand insurers.   

These products are managed through your HealthCarePlus Representatives and any claims can be made by contacting them or by contacting the Insurer directly on:

  • Sovereign Assurance Hospital or Risk policy, please call 0800  500 195                             
  • nib (previous Tower) (previous One Path) Hospital policy, please call 0800 123 642
  • Southern Cross Hospital policy, please call 0800 800 181
  • PartnersLife Hospital or Risk policy, please call 0800 145 433

  • AIA Hospital policies 0800 800 242  


Excess Reimbursement

Plus if you have an approved Hospital Cover Policy and you have either Primary Care or Primary Care Extra you can claim back your excess.  To help ensure the timely reimbursement of that claim, make sure you provide:

1. Fully completed claim form

2. Invoices from the surgeon, anesthetist and hospital, and

3. The insurers claim payment

If you need any assistance or want to speak to someone about the claims process you can call the team on 0800 600 666, or Christchurch 03 365 4048


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