How to register for Grants for Good

How To Register And Set Up Your Account

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Before starting the application process we recommend that you read the following documents to familiarize yourselves with what the grants involve:

HealthCarePlus Charitable Education Grants – Procedures and General Guidelines

• The Information pack for the Category of grant that you wish to apply for.

These documents set out all that is required for the application and show what documents need to be uploaded to the application form. Applications submitted without all the necessary documentation attached will not be considered.

Please note that the Grants Portal is not optimized for mobile phones. It works best on desktops or laptops but also on tablets. Each page of the application form can be saved before moving to the next. Please ensure that you do this to ensure you do not lose your work. If you save as you go and are unable to complete the application in one session you will be able to return to the partially completed application to submit at a later time.

Now you are ready to apply for your grant - here's a step-by-step instruction on how to register and set up your account. 

How to Apply for Grants


1. Register as a User 

2. Login & Create Your Profile

3. Register your Individual Account or Group Account

4. Select your Account & Apply


Register as a New User


The HealthCarePlus Grants Portal is operated by “Enquire”. Before getting to the Grants Portal you need to be a registered user of Enquire.

The instructions below will take you through the User registration process and give you an idea of how to move around the site.

Please note: If you are not already Registered on the Enquire system you will be taken to the registration screen. If you are already registered you can login.

To register/sign up go to the button in the top right of your screen:

The registration process is straightforward and only takes a minute:

After you hit “Get Started” you will receive a verification email on which you will need to select Verify your email address. Once you have done that a new message will appear confirming your USER registration.


Login & Create Your Profile


If this is the first time you have logged in you will be led into the User Profile screens to complete your profile. This process is self explanatory.



Register your Individual Account or Group Account


That done you will be taken to the Account Type Screen where all new users will need to register an Individual Account. You only need to register your Individual Account once. This is a simple process and only takes a few minutes.

If you are applying for a grant under Category 1 – Individual Grants you are now ready to go. If you are applying on behalf of a group Category 2 or 3 Grants, you will first need to create a group account – see below. That is easy by completing a group registration form and asked to register a new account.


This screen will carry forward some of the details already provided from your Individual Profile but will also request some information about the group/organisation.

NOTE: The Grants are only open to New Zealand domiciled organisations or overseas organisations where the Accountable Officer is a New Zealand Citizen or resident. You will need to provide proof of this as part of the application process.

Accountable Officer

The process assumes that the person completing the application on behalf of the group will be the contact person for the team. There is an option for this person to also be the Accountable Officer – the person that has authority to sign the contract on behalf of the group. If the contact person and Accountable Officer are the same person please check the box asking the question Use Key Contact as Accountable Officer.

If a different person has the authority to sign the contract please leave the box unchecked and enter their details into the lower part of the form. Always save the forms each time you make a change. You will not be able to proceed unless all the mandatory fields have been completed.


Select your Account and Apply


Once the form has been saved and completed you will be led to your “Select Account” screen. From here you choose the account you wish to use to apply for your Grant.

FOR CATEGORIES 2 AND 3 SELECT THE GROUP ACCOUNT OPTION. If you are applying on behalf of two different groups you would need to create another group using the “Create New Account” Option.

Once your selection has been made you will be taken to your “Home” screen where you will see details of all the open (active) grants any Upcoming Activities you may have and applications/projects you have submitted under that User (i.e. the Individual or the Group) registration.

You are now ready to Apply for your grant. You can do so either from the Home page or from the selection shown on the Published Rounds page simply by hitting the Apply button for the appropriate category.
The application process is straightforward and the Information Pack for the Category of grant you are applying for will give you further details on what is required.


Getting Help


For questions about the Grants and the Grants process please refer to the Guidelines and Procedures and the Information Pack for the Category of Grant you are applying for. They can be found in the same space as this document was found. If these documents do not answer your questions please email Please be aware that your response, depending on demand, may not be immediate so please do not leave questions until the last minute.


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