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New COVID-19 Travel Insurance Benefits Now Available

Nov 18, 2020 11:43:33 AM / by HealthCarePlus

This pandemic has changed so many things about our lives including when and how we travel. So Cover-More, our travel insurance partner has designed travel insurance that will give you the confidence to book travel and explore everything that New Zealand and Australia have to offer. COVID-19 benefits will be available for travel in New Zealand and to Australia.

If you buy a new Single Trip travel insurance policy on 'YourCover' Plan and you’re travelling within New Zealand or Australia^,  you’ll automatically receive a number of COVID-19 benefits.

It doesn’t matter if you’re planning to travel next month or next year, when you’re able to escape the everyday and explore the natural beauty of Down Under, Cover-More's COVID-19 travel insurance benefits will give you extra peace of mind and greater confidence to book the trip you’ve been longing to take.


Book with confidence this year with the following covered:

  • CANCELLATION COVER(up to the limit of cover chosen) if you are diagnosed with
    COVID-19 and are unable to travel.
  • MEDICAL COVER (up to the policy limit*) if you are diagnosed with COVID-19 whilst on your trip.
  • Cover if your pre-paid ACCOMMODATION is shut down for deep cleaning.
  • PROTECTION if your leave is cancelled because you are one of our amazing essential health care workers.


New COVID-19 travel insurance benefits available under 'YourCover' policy

New Single Trip Options Plan policyholders will now receive the below additional travel insurance cover for common coronavirus pandemic scenarios:


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Cover for COVID-19 Medical Costs *#~

Cover is provided for medical treatment expenses and ambulance transportation if you’re diagnosed with COVID-19 by a qualified medical practitioner within Australia* or New Zealand.

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Cover for COVID-19 Cancellations *

Cover is provided for a number of unforeseeable amendment and cancellation costs relating to COVID-19 that are outside of your control if you’re travelling within New Zealand or Australia* and have added cancellation cover to your policy.

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Cover for Additional COVID-19 Expenses *#

Cover is provided for a variety of additional costs should you find your trip plans within Australia* or New Zealand are cut short or change as a result of various COVID-19-related reasons.

For more details on the new additional coronavirus travel insurance benefits, please read the following documents about new COVID-19 travel benefits here and the YourCover Plan Policy Wording document.


And remember, as a HealthCarePlus Member, you will get:


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So are you ready to book with confidence


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This is general advice only.
*Limits, sub-limits, conditions, and exclusions apply. For full details on exactly what’s covered by our COVID-19 travel insurance benefits, please read the following documents about new COVID-19 travel benefits here and the YourCover Plan Policy Wording document.
~Medical cover will not exceed 12 months from onset.
#Additional and medical expense cover is not available on our Options Domestic Cancellation Plan.
^'YourCover' single trip plan travel insurance policy provides limited cover for COVID-19 for domestic travel within New Zealand and travel to Australia. There are New Zealand Government restrictions on New Zealand citizens, residents and other persons travelling to and from, and within, New Zealand due to COVID-19. The process is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade. Please contact Cover-More on 0800 500 225 or email for any COVID-19 travel insurance queries.

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