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Shift - Picture this competition

Oct 12, 2022 11:01:40 AM / by HealthCarePlus

A key part of the Shift Challenge is to take photographs when out and about and capture something Awe-some.  Awe-inspiring can be anything - big or small, beautiful or interesting.  And our Members have not let us down so far with lots of cool images taken during their walks.  The imagery is really diverse - expansive shots of the countryside and micro shots of butterflies and puddles.  Have a look below at some of the great examples captured so far... 




Appreciating the little things. Photo taken by Rebecca Ronald


the road to no where - Sylvia


The road to nowhere. Photo taken by Sylvia Dunkley




Sent my father on his forever journey. Long walk through the park to find the perfect spot.

Photo taken by Heather Bates




A walk on the beach is always inspiring. Photo taken by Jennifer Stauffert




Amongst the clouds at Rocky Lookout, Mt Holdsworth, Wairarapa.

Photo taken by Sarah Sulzberger




George St Dunedin on a Wednesday night. Photo taken by Lhizz Browne


Gannet Sanctuary.jpg1665565563 (1)


A visit to see the gannets. Magic. Photo taken by Linda McCavana


Bree Torkington - take dog out for a walk


Taking the dog out for a run and some pine cone tasting. Photo taken by Bree Torkington


Alan Steele


Moke Lake with walking track around it. Queenstown. Photo taken by Alan Steele


Sherwin Mottram


"Life is tough when on holiday..." Photo taken by Sherwin Mottram


Rebecca Ronald


Exploring our urban jungle. Photo taken by Rebecca Ronald


Rebecca Ronald - jungle


Majestic nature on a Kaimai walk this weekend. Photo taken by Rebecca Ronald


Russell Morrison


Snow October. Photo taken by Russell Morrison


Lisa McDonald


Magic of nature. Photo taken by Lisa McDonald


Bree Torkington


Running around the park with the dog and his favourite ball. Photo taken by Bree Torkington


Sylvia Dunkley


Jurassic World. Photo taken by Sylvia Dunkley


Susan Drew


Pretty flowers along the way. Photo taken by Susan Drew


Ashleigh Macdonald


Crisp spring morning - blue sky and blossom trees. Photo taken by Ashleigh Macdonald




Puddle Jumping. Photo taken by Ashleigh Macdonald


Phoebe Zeller


Walking around the eastern bays, Pōneke. Photo taken by Phoebe Zeller


butterfly - Phoebe Zeller


 Look at the battle scars on this butterfly. Photo taken by Phoebe Zeller




Tulips. Photo taken by Ashleigh Macdonald


sunset walk


Sunset Walk. Photo taken by Angela Vette


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