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UniMed’s pledge to our Members

May 14, 2020 12:16:36 PM / by HealthCarePlus


COVID19 has impacted on all aspects of our lives and business and this has included the Health Insurance industry.  It is often said that adversity brings out the best and worst in people and organisations.  HealthCarePlus has been very pleased to see the proactive response from UniMed to you our valued Members. 

One of the important things that HealthCarePlus was looking for when we decided to transfer our insurance business to another insurer, was to select an organisation that had similar values to those of HealthCarePlus, our Union owners and their members.


So we are very happy to see that UniMed has provided you our Members, using the words of Dr Ashley Bloomfield what can only be classified as a “Gold Standard” support package in response to the COVID19 crisis.


Recently their CE penned a letter to all our Members outlining their support including a pledge to provide a Premium Credit to members:

"We have noticed that claims are lower than normal. During the lockdown, some medical and surgical treatments have been completed while many others have been deferred and some cancelled. As the lockdown restrictions are gradually lifted, we are likely to see a concerted effort to treat patients who have been waiting.

We are pledging to return back to members surplus funds resulting from claims that were cancelled during the lockdown and will now never take place. This is the right thing to do."

Dermot Martin, Chief Executive, UniMed

The credit will be applied against members’ premiums giving some valuable short-term relief during these difficult times. See here for more info.

We will be notifying all eligible members and businesses over the next month.

In addition to the Premium Credit they have introduce new benefits and are providing targeted assistance to members facing financial hardship.

In case you missed the letter here it is in full

Make sure you read it carefully and ensure that you are making the most of the support available.

"We’ve said from the outset that we’re here for you. As a not for profit society, our focus is to look after you and support you all".

Dermot Martin, Chief Executive, UniMed

Please keep an eye on our website for other updates and additional information.

We can get through this together. Please stay in touch and let us know how we can help.

We’re here for you. Stay Safe

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