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Dec 22, 2022 10:11:12 AM / by HealthCarePlus

The purchase of Insurance is different to most purchases that you make as you do not ‘experience’ insurance when you purchase it.  It is only when a claim is submitted and paid that you get to ‘experience’ your insurance and get to benefit from your purchase.  With car or house and contents insurance you may never get to ‘experience’ the benefit of your purchase unless you are unfortunate, and have a reason to make a claim. 

19,818 Claims Submitted in 2022

This is where HealthCarePlus’s day-to-day healthcare plans are different as all our Members get the chance, and are encouraged to claim on a regular basis. 




Last year our members regularly claimed on their HealthCarePlus day-to-day plans with 19,818 claims processed to the value of just above $5.3 million.  At HealthCarePlus we actively encourage our members to claim so it is very pleasing so see the amount of money that is being refunded to our members. 




The three most frequent benefits that were claimed for were:

  • 46% of claims paid were for medical and specialist visits and test,
  • 20% of claims was for Vision and Dental costs
  • 13% for complimentary treatments like physiotherapy, acupuncture, mental therapy and osteopaths   

The full breakdown is as follows:




Hospital Select Claims

With regards to UniMed's Hospital Insurance Plans, which includes our Hospital Select Plan,  UniMed continued the good news by supporting their members through some  tough times by paying out over $72 million in claims reimbursements.


And the top five dollar claims paid to members for the last quarter of the year were:

  •  $98,317 Revision spinal fusion
  • $86,526 Cancer surgery, surgical procedure
  • $83,970 Spinal surgery, multiple levels
  • $75,510 Cancer surgery, surgical procedure, mastectomy and reconstruction
  • $74,203 Spinal surgery, single level

Of course it's not all about the dollars in those numbers but how much we can support or members in their moments of need or help them change their lives for the better.  It also highlights the role that hospital Insurance plays in meeting the health requirements of our Members.   

“The public health system does a fantastic job looking after acute urgent medical issues, but our health insurance plan gives our Members access to elective surgical procedures and specialist consultations when they need it and choice about where they receive it,”

- John Seed, CE, HealthCarePlus


If you would like to find out more about our Hospital Select plan, please click here.


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Primary Care, Primary Care Extra, #care4U and Hospital Select are underwritten by Union Medical Benefits Society Ltd (UniMed). Any cover issued in response to this application is subject to the terms and conditions contained in the relevant policy documentation and UniMed’s Conditions of Membership.


UniMed’s financial rating


Union Medical Benefits Society Limited (UniMed) has been given an A (Excellent) insurer financial rating by AM Best. AM Best's ratings are as follows: Secure: A++, A+ (Superior); A, A- (Excellent); B++, B+ (Good) Vulnerable: B, B- (Fair); C++, C+ (Marginal); C, C- (Weak); D (Poor); E (Under Regulatory Supervision); F (In Liquidation); S (Suspended).



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