5 Things to think about when buying health insurance

Aug 20, 2019 10:41:21 AM / by HealthCarePlus

Most of us know that affordable health insurance, is a common-sense investment - that can often save you, far more than it costs.

But when it comes to hospital cover, the devil can often be in the detail… and it’s all too common for Kiwis to not find out the limits of their cover, until it’s too late. Or, to pay a lot more than they should have - for impressive-sounding benefits that they’re very unlikely to need.

So we’ve put together five simple tests to apply to any potential plan or provider, to ensure that you know the deal - and can get the best deal. Because the best deal for union members (not the biggest profits!) is what we’re all about.


1. Is it designed for the NZ health system?

Some health insurance policies might market ‘unlimited’ cover, or up to $500,000 per policy year -– for procedures that actually cost much less than that. Or offer a wide range of extras and ‘discounts’ on health and lifestyle products, that only a small number of customers can use or need. And this inflated cover usually means extra cost - for every policyholder. It’s good to check whether your policy is realistic and efficient… ensuring you’re not paying for ‘benefits’ you’re unlikely to ever use.

HealthCarePlus Hospital Select was designed for members – as an efficient hospital care policy, with realistic benefits that New Zealanders are more likely to need.


2. Is it competitive price-wise?

Hospital Cover is there to protect you in the event of an unexpected illness or condition that requires serious intervention. While you need that ‘just in case’ protection… you’d probably prefer to go many years, without making a claim!

So it’s worth considering whether you need a ‘Rolls Royce’ policy (with all the bells and whistles - at a price) – or a reliable and cost effective policy that gives you what you need - for a price your household can afford both today and in the future.

As a plan that’s only available to eligible union members – HealthCarePlus Hospital Select is designed to provide our members with comprehensive and affordable cover.


3. Is it built for long term affordability?

The more ‘special circumstances,’  expensive and experimental treatments a policy covers - the more chance there is that premiums can fluctuate and ‘spike’ when a small proportion of users, claim big in these areas of medical science. So while affordability in the ‘here and now’ is important - the long-term sustainability of your policy’s pricing, counts too as you need to be able to afford it when you need it.

HealthCarePlus Hospital Select has been designed and calculated to give the best overall deal, for the most members - balancing the need for 'comprehensive' cover with premiums that can be more secure, and consistent over time.


4. Who is your cover really looking after?

You take out health insurance to protect yourself and your family – but for most ‘for profit’ insurers, it’s the needs of their owners and shareholders that ultimately count the most. This drive for profitability can affect the organisation’s culture, how they design their cover - what information gets  “consigned” to the “T’s & C’s” - and how they respond when it’s time to make a claim.

HealthCarePlus was created by unions, for members, to give NZs teachers and public sector workers with access to a unique range of healthcare cover that maximises value for members - not profits. HealthCarePlus plans focus on maximising our payouts - not shareholder profits.


5. Can you get any special deals?

Some organisations - including banks, some employers, membership organisations, and Unions - use their purchasing power to source insurance products and services on behalf of their members, and negotiate preferable terms and conditions for their members that are superior to those that the ‘public’ market tends to offer­­.

Since 1963 your Union has been providing their members with access to health cover at preferential rates and terms and conditions through HealthCarePlus. And once youre covered, its protection can last, not just for the rest of your union membership, but for the rest of your life.


Whatever provider you find the protection of properly-designed hospital cover that gives you better outcomes, leaves yourself and your loved ones better protected from whatever life might throw your way. And the sooner you apply, the greater the chance that you and your family have to qualify for hospital cover.


Through HealthCarePlus, eligible union members within the education and public services sectors can access a unique form of hospital cover designed to maximise value to members, not corporate profits.

Hospital Select is designed for the NZ health system - with up to $300,000 per admission providing realistic, affordable cover for surgery, cancer treatment, and a wide range of specialist consultations, scans and tests.

To find out more about HealthCarePlus Hospital Select, and whether it can offer value to you or your family - you can book a personal consultation with one of our HealthCarePlus Representatives

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