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Megan Martin - Individual Professional Development Grant

Apr 20, 2021 4:08:33 PM / by HealthCarePlus

We’re so proud of the impact our funding and resources have helped make over the first year of 'Grants for Good' programme. So read below the spotlight interview about Megan Martin as she will share her inspirations and the wonderful work she hopes to accomplish with her grant.


Megan Martin


1. Tell us a bit more about yourself (organisation)?

I see myself as a facilitator of learning where I share my strengths, knowledge and skills to empower others to grow and develop theirs. I have led Physical Education and Health departments in several secondary schools. More recently I have worked as an Across School’s Teacher in the area of Wellbeing and Transitions for the Christchurch Catholic Kāhui Ako (school-based community of learning). I am the creator of the website which I developed as a sharing platform for wellbeing agency.


2. What are you doing? Or What is the primary focus of your research?

This year I am completing a Masters of Education with Leadership endorsement. I’m completing papers such as decision making in organisations, partnering across boundaries and mentoring and coaching. I’m also learning Te Reo and completing a coaching qualification.


3. What inspired you to do what you’re doing?

Like many in New Zealand I am at a loss with the desperate mental stats we have. I’m doing my bit to contribute to a better New Zealand. I want people to live up to their expectations, their life paths and be the best version of yourself they can be. I want to support people to take control of their health and wellbeing one little step at a time.


4. Why did you choose to focus on this topic?

Over the last 5 years I have invested heavily in my own professional learning by completing a Diploma of Career Guidance, Diploma of Positive Education and Wellbeing and a Certificate of Tikanga. I believe if you ‘grow more’ you can ‘give more’. But to really make a difference I needed to develop my education relevant qualifications with a focus on leadership, then I will be able to share my work more effectively for the greater good of all. Strong educational leadership is at the heart of any change or development of an organisation and a leader’s influence on the vision, time, resources and the direction of energy cannot be underestimated. If I want to lead change in educational practice that has a positive effect on sustainable health and wellbeing outcomes, I needed to develop my knowledge, skills and strategies in educational leadership.


5. What made you decide to apply for an HealthCarePlus Grant for Good? (where did you hear about it)

I received an email from our PPTA representative and I loved the title ‘Grants for Good’.


6. How was your experience in Appling for the grant?

The process of applying for the grant helps you clarify your vision and goals for the future. It was an easy to follow format and you could save parts without having to complete all at once.


7. How has funding from HealthCarePlus helped? (to advance your research)?

It has paid for the course fees for two of the papers I am doing.


8. What does this grant mean to you?

I am very grateful and appreciative for the support. I invested a lot in my professional learning and this was such a bonus to me.


9. What would you say to others considering but hesitant in applying for a grant?

Just go for it. You have nothing to lose and if you do get accepted, it is really nice having supporters for your project and who believe in your work.


10. What advice would you give to future Grants for Good applicants?

Allow yourself time to make sure you have all the required parts of the application completed. Read through all the sections first so you know you can complete all the sections as best that you can.


11. What are you hoping to achieve?

I want to help people live up to their expectations, their live path and be the best versions of themselves they can be, by taking control of their health and wellbeing one little step at a time.


12. In what way will your project/course help make a positive impact on others?

Hopefully completing this qualification will help me work at the leadership in organisations. If I can influence and promote wellbeing at these levels then it will have a flow on effect down the organisation. Leaders control the time, resourcing and direction of the work in organisations, so if this can be done on a foundation of wellbeing then I feel I could make a positive difference.


If you are interested and want to know more this year's Grants for Good and how to apply for one then click here.

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