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How easy is it to make an online will...

Nov 1, 2022 1:41:56 PM / by Public Trust


... so easy, you can do it in your slippers.

Creating or updating a will can be a daunting prospect, especially if you rarely engage with lawyers.  That is why we have joined up with Public Trust to offer affordable and easy to create online wills to all our Members.  But just how easy is it?  

Well who better to explain the ins and outs of online wills than Public Trust’s customer support team?  Claire and Chris to be precise, they are qualified Trustees, with years of experience helping Kiwis put their wills together.

So, we put a few questions their way...


Firstly, How easy is making a will online?


CLAIRE: Honestly, you’d be surprised how simple it is. Once you’ve signed up, it’s just a matter of clicking on the different sections and answering the questions. And plenty of these are like multiple choice or just clicking on an icon to answer.

CHRIS: Claire’s not kidding, it’s very easy. And the handy thing is you can always stop and save wherever you’re at and come back later.


How long does it take?


CHRIS: If you’re doing our most basic will, you can be finished in as little as 30 minutes, or less! Obviously, it depends on how much stuff you own, if you have multiple properties and a few other factors like whether you have a blended family.

CLAIRE: I’d say on average, it would be rare to take longer than 60 to 90 minutes all up. It can also help if you have access to personal records nearby.


What does it cost?


CLAIRE: Online wills are more affordable than most people realise. We have three main price tiers. Our Basic wills start at just $79, our Standard wills are $149 and Comprehensive wills cost $199. Also, if you want to make a will for your partner at the same time, you can buy what's called a 'Mirror Will' for as little as $80 extra.

CHRIS: We should mention there’s a special 20% discount for all HealthCarePlus Members just make sure you use the discount code provided.


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Is there anything to prepare before starting?


CLAIRE: You don’t have to. But there are some things worth thinking about, like who you want your executor to be – which is the person who will oversee your estate after you’re gone.

CHRIS: Yeah, and just general stuff too. Consider whether you want to give personal items to certain people or perhaps you might want to donate some of your money to a charity.


What if someone needs help with their online will?


CLAIRE: Easy. That’s what our Live Chat team is here for. But don’t forget there are also info guides and handy FAQs you’ll find at the top of the page.

CHRIS: If you do want to Live Chat with us, click the icon at the bottom-right of your computer or phone screen ­– and start typing. We'll try our best to answer within 5 minutes. Live Chat is available weekdays 9am-7pm and weekends 10am-4pm.


Who signs a will to make it official?


CLAIRE: Ok, so this is an important question, especially in lockdown. A will has to be dated, signed and witnessed by two independent people who are not named in the will or are a spouse of someone in the will.

CHRIS: Please know that if it’s urgent, like for reasons of ill-health, there are other ways we can get signing done quickly. Call us on 0800 279 792 and we’ll discuss your options.


What’s the 7-day trial about?


CLAIRE: It’s really just a chance to log on and look around our will-making website. You get access to everything for 7 days. In fact, you can easily do your whole will in that time, but you’ll still need to pay to get the finished item.

CHRIS: Nothing to add here... It’s pretty straightforward. Go for it!


Thanks, Chris and Claire. Any last words of wisdom?

CHRIS: Yeah, just jump into it. People put off doing a will because it can seem overwhelming. But the great thing about doing your will online is that it gives you a clear starting point and then walks you through the process.

CLAIRE: I think it’s a really good use of lockdown time... Especially if you’re twiddling thumbs. There’s only so much binge-watching a person can take!


If you are interested in finding out more about our wills offering with Public Trust, please click below to learn more.


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