Introducing GoodForYou

Introducing GoodForYou, Your Health & Wellbeing Programme

May 12, 2021 11:01:03 AM / by HealthCarePlus

In 1963 when EBS was formed our goal was to enable teachers, education sector members, and their families to access competitive insurance products to support their families’ health. 

We believe that in today’s world, supporting our Member's health & wellbeing is much more than just access to affordable health insurance.

And that's why we're very excited to be launching GoodForYou,  our complimentary Health & Wellbeing Programme  that's free for all our Members who have one of our three Primary Care plans or our Hospital Select Plan. 

It's a great step forward in achieving our current goal for HealthCarePlus which support our Members financial, physical and mental wellbeing.


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GoodForYou is your personalised wellbeing program.  It provides the tools and support you need to improve your health and mental wellbeing. We have a wide, varied and constantly growing range of wellness resources for you to access from our well regarded group of experts in their fields. Whether it's fitness, diet, sleep, social connection or competition,  GoodForYou takes a holistic approach to getting the most out of life.


How Does It Work?


The Wellbeing Scorecard is the starting point of the program and is based around the the '10 Healthy Habits'. Once completed you will receive a personalised report along with suggestions to get you on the road to incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine.  This report is 100% confidential - no one will ever see your personal information.




Challenges are designed to be fun and engaging (and sometimes a little bit competitive).  These are great for doing with your friends and family.  The focus of the challenges will be around the '10 Healthy Habits'. You can also access a library of self starter challenges available to start at anytime, giving you the flexibilkity to access support and motivation at a time that works for you.




Video clips, articles, podcasts, real food recipes, competition, local events and special offers are available to help keep you informed and encourage you along the way.




10 Healthy Habits

The '10 Healthy Habits' are the foundation of GoodForYou. We know that adjusting behaviopur around these 10 habits is a great start to living a healthy fulfilled life. Of course there's never a quick fix, it takes hard work and dedication.  we know that sometimes life can get in the way, so we've provided tools to help you develop good habits that are easily integrated with your work, home family and personal goals and aspirations - helping you get the most out of life.  Read more about our '10 Healthy Habits'  here.    


Add Friends And Family For Free




One of the great features of GoodForYou is that you don't have to do it alone.  We all know that it if you are wanting to change your lifestyle, it is always easier if you team up with friends or family.  For this reason, we have arranged that not only the HealthCarePlus policy owner has free access to GoodForYou , but you can also add up to 5 other family or friends and they too have free access to our platform.  

So what are you waiting for join today


Thank you Synergy 


We couldn't have brought this service to our Members without the support and help of our latest HealthCarePlus Partner Synergy Health Ltd.  They are the brains behind the platform and are one of New Zealand's top Health And Wellbeing platform providers with over 20 years experience in helping people live healthier happier lives.

They create real behavioural change by personalising the way each user engages with their program and they have developed a strong reputation for delivering excellent digital health & Wellbeing platforms to more than 100 of Australia & New Zealand’s leading workplaces.        


GoodForYou is also available to all eligible union members for just $4 per month. So if you are not a HealthCarePlus policyholder, you can still join. Just fill out the form here to join us as an Associate Member. Then you can sign up to get access to GoodForYou.


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