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The Summer Wellness kit

Dec 22, 2022 11:54:07 AM / by Synergy Health

Synergy Health are the team behind  GoodForYou - your personalised wellbeing program that provides the tools and support you need to improve your health and mental wellbeing.  They have a wide, varied and constantly growing range of wellness resources for you to access from their group of experts. Whether it's fitness, diet, sleep, social connection or competition,  they take a holistic approach to getting the most out of life.

We regularly feature articles from The Synergy Health team and here they've created a series of articles that will help us stay safe and well this summer. 



Summer is a great time of year as we typically have more energy and longer days to spend outside doing the things we love. The warmer months typically optimise social events, BBQ's, beach trips, activities, etc. While these are fun, they can bring danger if you make rookie mistakes such as getting into trouble around water, sunburn, or dehydration. We encourage you to stay safe even if you work inside and only head out for a walk or to eat lunch. 


Key Articles:


S K I N  H E A L T H


Avoid showing up to work on Monday looking like a cherry tomato. Many of us who are keen to develop a summer tan, make the mistake of getting too much sun too soon. There is also a much greater risk of melanoma with high doses of sun exposure occasionally than with more continuous sun exposure, such as daily work outdoors. Read more

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M O V E M E N T  &  E X E R C I S E 


With the sun rising earlier and the days being longer, a lot of people find it easier to work out in the summer. However, exercising during the hottest temperatures of the year requires some safety. Consider things like proper hydration and sun safety when you exercise and you'll be on your way to having a fit summer.  Read More

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S K I N  H E A L T H


Knowing the difference between sunscreens and sunblocks might just be the way you avoid getting burnt this summer. Reducing your risk of skin cancer and melanoma requires protection from UVA and UVB radiation, and not all sunscreens contain protection to both. Broaden your knowledge and know what to look for when you're next shopping for sun protection. Read More 

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R O A D  S A F E T Y


Even though the Holidays are a time to relax, unwind and go on adventures, the festive period can be a dangerous time on our open roads. What's key to remember is staying focused, not being fatigued, and driving to the conditions. Minimise your risk of being involved in an unwanted accident by taking these easy steps.

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S K I N  H E A L T H


Melanoma is the most serious type of skin cancer you can get, as it can progress quickly and be life-threatening. At any age, it's important to perform regular checks for moles, spots or freckles that change in colour, shape or size. Learn about the risk factors for melanoma and the important things you should know about cancer.  Read more

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P H Y S I C A L  H E A L T H


With the extra humidity in the summer, it can be difficult to get enough fluids as we're losing more during this time. An easy reminder you can give yourself is to check the colour of your urine, if it looks clear to pale yellow you're typically hydrated and if it's any darker, you need to drink more water. Learn about what else constitutes as a hydrating liquid in the article.  Read More

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W A T E R  S A F E T Y


Enjoying summer in the water is one of the best leisure activities to spend with family and friends. However, this time can be seriously compromised by a number of hidden dangers. Incidents that occur around water often include overestimating our abilities, under-estimating the conditions and our lack of precaution to stay safe. Read More 

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