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'Grants for Good' Funding Seeks Ideas to Make Life Better for You

Aug 11, 2022 11:42:03 AM / by HealthCarePlus

Now in it’s third year, the national ’Grants for Good’ programme is now taking submissions for 2023 funding - from any NZ resident or citizen.

And if you have an education-focused idea - to help individual development, or NZ as a whole - you’ve got until September 23, to make your application.

Supported by ‘not-for-profit’ health and wellbeing provider HealthCarePlus, ‘Grants for Good’ has NZ$ 150,000 of funding available for 2023, to help make funding for educational projects even more accessible to everyday New Zealanders. This is the project’s third year on funding - with over NZ$ 300,000 in funding and support provided to projects across NZ in the past 2 years.

Any individual activity, or small project that has an educational outcome, is eligible for support. This could include hardship grants to help individuals fund their study, support for people undertaking professional development or backing ideas for small projects that make working and living in NZ, better for everyone.

As CEO John Seed explains, it all comes from the belief that learning and ideas are our most powerful tools, in making NZ’s future even better:

“For us, GrantsForGood is about realising potential, whether it's helping individuals reach their educational or development goals, or supporting bigger ideas with the potential to make a difference to all of us. Our priority themes for 2023 include exploring the future of work in NZ… enhancing wellbeing and equity in education, communities or NZ as a whole, responding to climate change, and more.”

“The greater social impact an idea can have - the more ready we are to back it - and we’re really focused on supporting new approaches and ideas from everyday Kiwis - not just the large-scale academic research that can already draw on funding and support” adds Seed.

Up to 10 individual grants are expected to be made in 2023. Past grants covering projects from researching the impact of COVID on educators and students, introducing a Garden to Plate project in a school, enabling children undertake the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program, supporting those in financial hardship undertake otherwise unachievable study, to improving the health and wellbeing of children and educators across 120 Northland schools, and using observations and data sourced in kindergartens, to improve children’s language development.

“We’d encourage anyone with an educational goal - or that's sitting on a great idea - to have a closer look at our criteria - and back themselves to start making their vision of the future, into reality” says Seed


More information on the grants programme and criteria can be found at


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