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'Grants for Good' Categories - what are they & who can apply?

Jun 30, 2020 1:01:18 PM / by HealthCarePlus

This week we are very excited to launch our ‘Grants for Good’ Programme. 

Our vision for our grants is to provide for the advancement of education that will support the growth of knowledge, the development of resources or personal capability that enhances the health and wellbeing of our members, their colleagues in the education & public service sectors and the wider New Zealand community.   

Our objective is to distribute charitable grants every year to HealthCarePlus approved projects that have the potential to contribute to better long-term outcomes for New Zealanders.

There are three categories of grants available and they could be an Individual project, a larger group initiative or a special bespoke project. Topics may include any educational project or professional development activity focussed on education and workforce health and well-being.


Category 1: Individual Grants

We are looking for applications from individuals for amounts from $5,000 up to a maximum of $20,000 for one year. These grants are designed to provide individuals with support for:

(a) Further study towards recognised qualifications in cases of financial hardship.  They are available for someone who is currently, or planning to study for a tertiary qualification, but due to real financial hardship their plans have been disrupted?

(b) Professional development activities in New Zealand or overseas. They are available for someone planning to undertake professional development activities but need funding to make it happen

(c) Small projects. They are available for that great idea that could make a real difference but needs funding to make it happen. We understand that providing grants to fund small projects can transform a great idea into a real game changer that may benefit their sector or wider community.


Category 2: Group Grants

We are looking for applications from groups of individuals or eligible New Zealand based organisations for amounts from $10,000 up to a maximum of $50,000 for one year.  These grants are designed to support larger team-based projects or to support conferences.

Like the individual grants all applications need to demonstrate how the outcomes could address and contribute towards increased knowledge and understanding of topical issues which could include:

  • The future of work – e.g. work life balance/workload/life-long learning
  • Wellbeing – e.g. enabling employees to thrive/focus on stress and burn out
  • Equity – e.g. Te Tiriti/gender equality/pay equity


Category 3: Special Grants  

We are looking for applications for groups planning a “special” project that requires a bespoke funding solution

We understand that projects targeting the “Big Issues” require a bespoke funding solution to deliver great outcomes, e.g. they may be for greater amounts and/or cover multiple years. Normally these will be multi-year research or implementation projects.


Who Can Apply?

HealthCarePlus was established in 1963 by the Education Unions – PPTA, NZEI, TEU, ISEA, TIASA and the Public Service Association (PSA).   So, we strongly encourage our HealthCarePlus Members, their family and Members of our Union Owners to apply.  In accordance with charities legislation the grants are open to anyone who is a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident to apply too. 


Our 2020 Funding is open

For Individual Grants, Applications open at 9am on 29th June 2020 and close at 5pm on 11th September 2020. 

For Group & Special Grants, Expression of Interests open at 9.00am 29th June 2020 and close at 5pm 24th July 2020.

Only shortlisted Group or Special Grants applicants will be contacted by 10th August and invited to submit a Full Application. Full Applications close at 5pm on 11th September 2020. All successful applicants will be notified by the Grants Committee by 6th November 2020.


For more details about our Grant Categories, please visit Grants for Good website and refer to the Guidelines and Procedures and the appropriate Information Pack for the Category of Grant.

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