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Jul 26, 2022 4:48:11 PM / by HealthCarePlus

At HealthCarePlus, the single biggest reason we exist is to support the overall health, and well-being, of workers in the education and public service sectors.

And while one way we do this is by providing a uniquely generous healthcare scheme - we’re also here to do a whole lot more.

Which is why we are delighted to announce our latest form of support - HealthCarePlus's ‘Grants for Good’.

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When you are in the business for more than just profit you look at things differently.  When HealthCarePlus ceased to be an insurer, we were left with our “Solvency Capital” which is money that insurers are required to set aside for a major catastrophe (e.g. COVID-19) and more importantly we lost our tax-exempt status too.  As an Incorporated Society we had limited options available to us to use this money.  We could not pass it directly to our Members, but it could be used to help achieve the Society’s purpose. 


That is why HealthCarePlus applied for and was granted Charitable Status under the purpose of “Advancement of education/Te kōkiri mātauranga”.  So, as a registered Charity all surpluses are now tax exempt and the surplus is now able to provide our Members with access to an exciting new type of support by way of Charitable Education Grants to use for good.


Our 'Grants for Good' program will provide funding support for the ongoing training and professional development of individual members, including those suffering financial hardship - and for research projects that advance the 'health and well-being' of our sectors and the community as a whole.


Our focus is on making good ideas possible... wherever they come from. So our grants aren't just focused on specialist research – they're open to all our members, and their colleagues, right across New Zealand. From exploring the future of work, to reducing stress or burnout, or improving well-being, equity and career development - we’re here to support educational initiatives that can leave you, your colleagues, your workplaces, your communities or your opportunities, better off.


Our Union Owners have established a Grants Committee and they will make decisions on the applications and distribution of the grants.  They are: 

  • Janice Shramka,  representing NZEI
  • Bronwyn Cross, representing PPTA
  • Janet Quigley, representing PSA
  • Sharn Riggs, representing TEU
  • Shelley Weir, representing TIASA
  • Georgie Dansey, representing ISEA

While our research grants may support many ideas, for 2023 the Grants Committee have identified some relevant & contemporary themes and will place particular emphasis on them. The themes are: 

  1. The Future of Work.  Exploring issues such as work life balance, changes and management of workloads, COVID-19 and its impact on working, how our sectors can better support lifelong learning.
  2. Wellbeing. Exploring issues around how we can enable all our members to thrive, minimise the impacts of stress and burnout, and support or create better physical, mental or financial wellbeing in the education & public service sectors.
  3. Equity.  Exploring issues around Te Tiriti understanding and implications, democratic decision-making, gender & pay equity, and giving workers a voice.
  4. Special Projects.  This is an open category because if an idea is good we want to consider it. So think of it as exploring Larger projects that require bespoke funding solutions


HealthCarePlus is open for applications for the 2023 ‘Grants for Good’ Program on 25th July 2022. 


So ask yourself… if you had the funds what do you want to change?


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