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Introducing Cover-More: Our Travel Insurance Partner

Feb 5, 2020 4:51:18 PM / by HealthCarePlus


It’s 3 years this month since we introduced our travel insurance offer and partnered with Cover More.  We chose Cover-More because they are one of New Zealand's leading travel insurers, and have been looking after New Zealander’s travel insurance needs for many years via their relationship with Air New Zealand, Flight Centre, and numerous other organisations.

For us it was a natural extension to the benefits you get from HealthCarePlus and that was why it was our first new Member-only offer beyond health insurance but as they say ‘timing is everything’.  The pandemic hit and overseas travel stopped so, its fair to say that most of our Members won’t even know we offer this. 

Undeterred, we are happy to announce this month, that following Member feedback we have improved the service and the experience for our Members by replacing the old 0800 phone service with a simple  and efficient 24/7 online quote and application functionality therefore making it much easier to apply for discounted travel insurance. 


We are re-launching the partnership and the offer again, and so here is the original article we published on 5th February 2020 to introduce you to Cover-More...


Do you know over 500,000 New Zealanders were lucky enough to holiday in Fiji in 2019? 

That’s right, it just backs up the well-known fact that New Zealanders have a passion for international travel, and it continues to grow as recently released statistics show that international departures from NZ airports has grown 2.5 fold in the last 10 years.


If we can afford to do more travel, can we afford to leave the house without travel insurance? We know you don’t plan for things to go wrong while you’re away, but if they do, travel insurance can help protect you against unexpected incidents and expenses.


From lost passports and hotel cancellations to emergency medical treatment and repatriation, Travel Insurance policies help you travel with peace of mind and equip you with expert help when you need it most.


That’s why we’ve introduced our new travel insurance plans, to provide our Members, their families and friends access to a high-quality Travel insurance product at a discounted price.  For us, this is a natural extension to the benefits you get from your Union membership and HealthCarePlus.


Whether you are travelling overseas or around New Zealand, we can offer peace of mind and the freedom to venture virtually anywhere in the world with confidence, knowing you’ll have support and assistance whenever you need it.


However, Travel Insurance can be complex, so we needed a partner that provided comprehensive cover, a track record of being able to assist members when they suffered an incident well away from the beaten track and the backing of a major insurance company. 


It is for these reasons that we decided to partner with Cover-More, a subsidiary of the global insurance giant Zurich.  Cover-More has been looking after New Zealander’s travel insurance needs for many years via their relationship with Air New Zealand, Flight Centre and numerous other organisations.  


Every year more than 18 million people choose Cover-More worldwide and they have been doing it for over 30 years.


Cover-More Timeline

At HealthCarePlus we hand pick our business partners to ensure that our Members have access to high quality and affordable services.  And Cover-More is the latest addition to our wider team.

To find out more about the two plans that we offer and how you can get your 15% discount visit the site here.   


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